Interviews and more from XTech 2007

Ian Forrester from BBC Backstage has posted several video interviews he conducted at XTech, including chats with:

Steven Pemberton (CWI W3C) and Michael Smith (W3C)
Ralph Meijer of Jaiku
Jeremy Keith of Clearleft
Kevin Anderson (Guardian) and Suw Charman
One old friend at XTech familiar to the XML community was Peter Murray-Rust, founder of the XML-DEV mailing list. Professor Murray-Rust’s interests now range widely around Open Data topics.

XTech sponsors Talis conducted an interview with Professor Murray-Rust, available as a podcast. Topics covered include the changing nature of academic publishing, the importance of primary data to the process, and the potential of the Semantic Web in both streamlining and enriching the endeavour.

Expectnation launches
Expectnation, the speaker, schedule and web site management software behind XTech, has now launched. The brainchild of conference chair Edd Dumbill, Expectnation is now available as a web service for other conferences.