Opening the Silos: sustainable models for open data

Paul Miller (Talis)

14:00 Thursday 17 May
Open data Amphitheatre C
Chair: Suw Charman (Independent social software consultant/Open Rights Group)
Presentation: Opening the Silos_ sustainable models for open data Presentation [PDF]

‘Open Data’ has been a track at XTech for some time, but has gained broader traction over the past 12-18 months as individuals and organisations grapple with its implications to the business models of (often large) incumbents.

Moving beyond the religious dogma around the ‘rightness’ of open access to data, how do existing players and new entrants balance the possibly rising costs of data provision and storage against the lost revenue streams from subscriptions and lock-ins?

Drawing upon the experiences of an organisation that is going through a migration from subscription to open participation, this paper explores some of the realities behind Open Data, and offers pointers to ways in which the ideal can be delivered, sustainably and repeatedly.