Applying the Internationalization Tag Set

Yves Savourel (ENLASO)

14:45 Wednesday 16 May

Core technology Concorde-Invalides
Chair: Dave Beckett (Yahoo!)
Presentation: Applying the Internationalization Tag Set Presentation [ZIP]
Paper: Applying the Internationalization Tag Set

As more and more data and applications are using XML, the need for internationalizing and then localizing XML content has increased. Internationalization-related XML issues are very similar with all types of XML applications. It makes sense to come up with a single solution that everyone could use as a standard. At the end of 2004, the W3C has taken the task to develop the Internationalization Tag Set (ITS) to answer to this challenge. Today (Dec-2006) ITS is at the stage of Candidate Recommendation and ready to be widely applied.

After a general description of the principles of ITS, this session will focus on the localization-related aspects of ITS. Through concrete examples, you will see how to create ITS global rules to go along your DTDs or schemes; how to use ITS hierarchy to customize rules for specific sets of documents; as well as how to use local ITS rules directly into you documents.

The different demonstrations will includes examples using widely formats such as DITA or XHTML, and will provide different examples of ITS-driven processes such as conversion to XLIFF, machine-translation, preparation for localization, and more.