Schedule: Ubiquitous web sessions

Ubiquitous Web Day — 15 May 2007

As the web reaches further into our lives, we will consider the increasing ubiquity of connectivity, what it means for real world objects to connect to the web, and the increasing blurring of the lines between virtual worlds and our own.

This day will be of interest to anybody working in technology around mobile devices, RFID, ultra-wideband, Second Life, location-aware services, Google Earth and similar topics.

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09:00 Tuesday, 2007-05-15
W3C Ubiquitous Web Applications Activity
Amphitheatre C
Dave Raggett (W3C/Volantis)
The W3C Ubiquitous Web Applications activity aims to make it easier to create distributed Web applications involving a wide diversity of devices.

09:45 Tuesday, 2007-05-15
Physical hyperlinks
Amphitheatre C
Timo Arnall (Oslo School of Architecture & Design)
Physical hyperlinks promise to bring the web to the physical world. We present a history of physical browsing applications, alongside recent mobile experiments and prototypes.

11:00 Tuesday, 2007-05-15
You are here: Creating location based services
Amphitheatre C
Paul Hammond (Yahoo)
Many of the most interesting uses of the ubiquitous web rely on knowing where someone or something is. How can we find this information and what can we do with it?

11:45 Tuesday, 2007-05-15
Connecting First and Second Life
Amphitheatre C
Matt Biddulph (
Online virtual worlds are becoming graphical, mainstream and popular. Find out how developers are using HTTP to bridge between the metaverse and the real world.

14:00 Tuesday, 2007-05-15
Web-app access to “sensors” on mobile devices
Amphitheatre C
Michael(tm) Smith (W3C)
Making Web apps interact with common “sensor” hardware on mobile devices requires scripting APIs to that hardware — APIs that haven’t been standardized yet. This session looks at what’s needed.

14:45 Tuesday, 2007-05-15
Practical ubiquity with mobile phones
Amphitheatre C